Spotting Brokers/Middlemen

Run a search by company name or carrier number here: If the company’s registration page shows “0 power units”, you know they do not own any trucks and must be a broker. Most brokers have a tendency to not want to volunteer to the customer that they are brokers. The tendency is to lead … Continue reading Spotting Brokers/Middlemen

Top 9 Things to Know Before Hiring a Mover

All interstate and some intrastate moving companies display a motor carrier number. You can verify a company’s compliance, accident history, inspection passing record, truck-ownership, and insurance by entering the company name or number here: Many moving companies first found on the internet do not own moving trucks and only act as a broker/middleman. On … Continue reading Top 9 Things to Know Before Hiring a Mover

Local Moving Hints

Local Moving Hints When you move your various household items within 100 miles from the start of origin to the end of destination within the same state, then it is know as local move. If your move is over 99 miles but within same state, then it is known as intrastate moves. The moves which … Continue reading Local Moving Hints

Pool table moving tips

A pool weighing around 1000 pounds is not easy to move, so here are few tips that will help you. 1: Use the staple puller to remove the staples from the pocket straps, an average pool table will have 3 for each rail, so you can pull them out individually flip the table, use caution … Continue reading Pool table moving tips

Moving Basics

You should carefully plan your moving day and must avoid the moving times that are busier. You must book with a moving company at least a month prior to moving. Before moving it is important to find the homeowners or renters insurance policy. You must arrange for some quick cash in case of some unexpected … Continue reading Moving Basics

Moving heavy furnitures

Packing is difficult process in a move. Every room has to be thoroughly checked so as to avoid any missing of things. The big process which must be done is that collecting empty boxes which is needed for packing. Packing of smaller things is pretty tough job when compared to packing of larger boxes. Very … Continue reading Moving heavy furnitures