It is important to remember that moving is a seasonal business with peak months being May to September. If you are planning a move during these months, we recommend making your reservation at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Also, the beginning and ending days of each month are especially busy, so please plan accordingly.

Where are you located?
We are conveniently located in Elmwood Park, NJ. Our large fleet of state of the art trucks and equipment will provide exceptional long distance service to 48 states and local moves within the metropolitan areas.

Why do moving companies put more than one household shipment on a trailer in a long distance move?
We do this for efficiency and to keep our customer’s cost at a minimum. We do have direct shipments available, but most customers choose to have their items transported in this manner because it is more affordable.

What is partial packing?
Partial packing is the packing, wrapping or crating of glass tops, all sizes of TV sets, pictures, mirrors, glass items, lamps, china cabinets, and all upholstered furniture.

What is full packing?
Full packing is when our moving staff arrives at your residence and packs everything rather than the customer.

Do you charge for packing materials?
Yes. Only on materials that are requested or used by your moving team (boxes, packing paper, tape, etc) will be charged additionally.

Will packing materials be on the truck if I need them?
Yes, our crews come fully prepared and have these items on hand. If you might need something, it will be available.

Can we help the movers?
For insurance reasons, customers are not allowed on the truck, so the best way to help is to be prepared beforehand. We recommend that our customers have all their packing completed, boxes labeled, and ready for transportation. This will allow our moving crew to do their job efficiently.

What is valuation protection?
It is the maximum protection a moving company will be liable for if an item is damaged during transit. $.60/lb per item for long distance moves.

What does $.60/lb per item mean?
If you have an item damaged and it has to be replaced, it will be replaced at a value determined by taking the weight of the item and multiplied by $.60/lb.

Why should I purchase insurance instead of valuation?
Valuation is the predetermined limit of liability as stated on the moving contract. Please contact our office for more information regarding insuring your valuable items.

Does my homeowners policy cover my items for a move?
Most homeowner’s policies do not provide coverage. Call your insurance company to see if they can supply you with coverage for a special premium. Make sure the policy includes coverage while your goods are in the moving company’s possession and not just while the movers are in your residence.
What if I need something hoisted?
Since we do not provide that service, you will have to contact a hoisting specialist. We recommend that our customers make the arrangements at a time when it will not interfere with our moving service.

Does your moving company transport plants?
It is forbidden by law for moving companies to transport plants across state lines. On local moves Federal Regulations will allow a mover to transport plants if the trip is fewer than 15 miles. However, we cannot guarantee their safety. In general, we recommend that you make arrangements to transport your plants.

What are additional services?
ANJ service that is provided, in addition to the line haul is typically an additional service. These can include crating, packing, unpacking, appliance services, special handling, stairs, long carries or shuttle service if access to your residence is limited and a second smaller truck is necessary. Your moving consultant can fully explain the range of services and charges during your moving consultation.

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