Moving Insurance Tips

It’s a near impossible task to transfer all your household items without damaging some. Damage can occur during packing, transportation, storage etc. Therefore it’s better to insure your household’s item before you move.

If you are going to hire a moving company there are certain things that you must keep in mind like extent of liability covered, estimated value of your goods, close examination of the contracts terms and condition. The insurance available to you by your mover is basically based on valuation. There are mainly three types of valuation prevalent.

Declared value-It is calculated by multiplying your fright load with some fixed amount per pound.

Lump Sum value – It takes the true value of product into consideration instead of weight

Full coverage – It takes into account the lost, damaged and the destroyed property.

Before moving you should make proper inventory consisting of all the household items. Homeowners insurance and transit insurance can act as a supplement that can save your money.

If you are moving valuable items like fine art, antiques, sculptures etc. then you must adopt special provision to enhance their safety.

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