Pool table moving tips

Pool Table Moving Company

A pool weighing around 1000 pounds is not easy to move, so here are few tips that will help you.

1: Use the staple puller to remove the staples from the pocket straps, an average pool table will have 3 for each rail, so you can pull them out individually flip the table, use caution as the side pockets may collapse from impacts of weights at the flipping, after that pockets can easily removed.

2: Felt may be glued or staples if it is stapled you need to remove each staple, if it is glued them be gentle, after the felt is off you can move towards the home stretch.

3: Remove the slate by removing the screws. If screws are covered with bee wax or plaster then use carbide drill to get out the plaster. Now it is ready to move.

4: Take legs off the frame and flip it upside down on your van, wrap everything to protect it from damage. I think you will find easier to carry your pool table safely.