Residential Moving

Classic Relocation Network LLC. completes over 1,000 moves each year, and has been serving the New Jersey community since 2010. Our track record speaks for itself, and we welcome the opportunity to assist with your Residential Move.

With over 10 years experience, Classic Relocation Network LLC. takes pride in our quality of service. Starting with your 100% FREE In Home Survey, and ending with a follow up call to ensure quality control, Classic Relocation Network LLC. displays precise “attention to detail”, working together with you, to design a customized moving plan.

Are you concerned with price increases and are on a budget?

While considering the diversities amongst the American people, we understand no two people are the the same, nor are their budgets or their relocation needs. Our experienced move coordinators take into consideration all of the details and specifics required to provide you with a 100% GUARANTEED PRICE, built around your budget, to suit your needs.

Classic Relocation Network LLC. is committed to being NJ’s top choice for a Residential Mover. In appreciation of our loyal customer base, we feature ongoing promotions to help make your move a more positive experience. From offering free moving supplies to seasonal specials, Classic Relocation Network LLC. strives for complete client satisfaction. Contact Classic Relocation’s local moving consultants for more details on current incentives and discounts.

Are you afraid of items being damaged in transit? 

Classic Relocation Network LLC. will ensure that your things get to their destination intact. Whether it is your piano, or glass dining table or a prized family heirloom, we will ensure they are protected along the way. Many people find it hard to allow others to move their goods, as they believe that they will not handle their property in the right manner,  but with Classic Relocation Network LLC., you will love the way we prepare each piece prior to moving your things. As long as you allow us to do our work, we will get your things to their destination in the right condition.

For most people, it is quite difficult to move with all of their belongings at once unless they have a truck or know someone with one. Making multiple trips is tiresome and tedious. It is also time consuming thus if you are working, it would require you to take some days off. Such instances can be avoided by hiring residential relocation services from Classic Relocation Network LLC..  We can get you to your new home in a day. You don’t have to be there as we will do everything for you. At the end of the day, you will go to your new home and find your house well arranged and your household belongings intact.

Relocating in New Jersey is made much easier with Classic Relocation Network LLC. as we help you handle all your household goods in the right manner. When we get to your new home, we will help you unpack and arrange the furniture just like the other house or according to your requests. This will help ease the burden of having to do everything on your own, adding unnecessary stress on move day. You don’t have to spend the entire day and night trying to figure out where to place what and how it should be since we are there to make sure you move in style.